CAPCE Courses – Medical

A&P of Strokes,
CAPCE 20-ACME-F3-0501
Basic EKG Fundamentals,
CAPCE 21-ACME-F3-0101
Diabetic Emergencies,
CAPCE 21-ACME-F3-0109
EMS Management of Acute Coronary Syndromes,
CAPCE 21-ACME-F3-0110
Identifying LVO Strokes With FAST-ED,
CAPCE 22-ACME-F3-0302
Identifying STEMIs With 12-Lead ECGs,
CAPCE 21-ACME-F3-0111
IM Epinephrine (1mg/mL),
CAPCE 22-ACME-F3-0304
Large Vessel Occlusion Stroke,
CAPCE 20-ACME-F3-0502
Sepsis: Recognize and Respond,
CAPCE 21-ACME-F3-0122
Stroke: EMS Transport Options,
CAPCE 20-ACME-F3-0601
The Opioid Overdose Epidemic, CAPCE 21-ACME-F3-0120
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