Onboarding Personnel to the New American CME Platform

This lesson is for Group Leaders. There should be one designated Group Leader for an agency who is responsible for managing the sub accounts, which involves adding personnel to the agency account or removing them if they are no longer with the agency.

Important: An agency may have additional Group Leaders that serve as “Team Leaders” who have access to course and assessment completion records for the agency personnel. Team Leaders should be added to the group in the same manner that other personnel are added to the group and then they would request a role upgrade.

The best way to add/affiliate personnel with your agency is by using the group’s unique sub-account signup URL. This URL is for users who do not already have accounts on the new American CME platform. For those who have accounts, use the Add Sub Account method or the Import Tool. If you have 50 or more personnel, we recommend the Import Tool.

Signup URL

Access the Signup URL on your Subscriptions > Sub Accounts page.

Alternative Location of Sub Account Access

If you are on the Dashboard, another avenue to the Sub Accounts page is via your Profile page. Scroll down below your personal profile information, and you will see your Corporate Account subscription and a button to Manage Sub Accounts. This button will open the same Sub Accounts page as the other link on the Subscriptions page.

On the Sub Accounts page, click the clipboard icon next to the Signup URL to copy it and then paste it into an email. See below for a sample email message.

Send Signup URL to Personnel: Sample Email

Here is an email template you can use to invite your personnel to register for the agency account on the new website:

Subject Line: Action Required: Re-Registration on New American CME platform

Hello [Agency Name] personnel!

This email contains important information about our new EMS testing platform, American CME.

American CME has built a new platform for our 2024 and future assessments at americancme.org. Your account on American CME’s old website is not being automatically migrated. You must register a new account. I recommend using the same username, email, and password.

  • If you have already registered a provider account on the new site, do not use that URL. Email me to let me know that you have an account on the new site already, and I will affiliate you. 

Please contact me if you have questions or need assistance. You can also contact American CME for help at support@americancme.com

Add Sub Account

For providers who have an existing account on the new site: Add Sub Account

(For a large group of users who have existing accounts, you could optionally use the Import tool.)

On the Sub Account page, click the Add Sub Account button.

In the field that opens, start typing the user’s name. The system will show you user names of existing account holders. Type the full name if needed to identify the correct username. Select the username so it appears in the field. If you are using the user name directly, a list of names will not appear, so just click the Submit button to add the user.

Select the Send NEW members the welcome email box then click the Submit button.

Import Tool

The sub accounts will appear on this page, showing each user’s Username, Email, First Name, Last Name, Last Login, and Number of Logins. You can search for a user here, Export the list of sub accounts, or remove a user.

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